TouchPad owners looking for supporting files and documentation please visit the TouchPad Support page:

TouchPad is a fully customisable USB keyboard designed for storing and producing keyboard shortcuts in a clean and user friendly manner.  This allows you to map functions in any program to TouchPad's keys, speeding up your workflow. TouchPad can be used with programs ranging from word processing to advanced design software. TouchPad allows key customisation by hand or digitally, and uses a text editor based programmer for quick shortcut setup.

TouchPad's 36 capacitive keys can each be assigned a series of five key presses using the built-in programming mode. Alternatively, users familiar with Arduino can combine keyboard, mouse, MIDI or serial functions using the Arduino IDE.

What sets TouchPad apart from other macro keyboard solutions is the ability to quickly customise the keys to suit the task at hand.  Combining capacitive touch with haptic feedback produces the feel of a mechanical keyboard but on a flat surface, allowing the use of our unique overlay system.  Transparent overlays can be quickly swapped to match the current command set. TouchPad has five command sets, enabling a total of 180 customisable functions that you can tailor to five different applications.

TouchPad was successfully funded on Kickstarter on 12th March 2018.  A special thanks to the following backers who donated to the campaign as well as all those who showed their support by buying a TouchPad:

Florence O’Neill, Alex, Thomas M, Melanie Thomson, Matthew, Julio Terra, Alejandro Esquivel, Niall Flynn, JSYEHUA, Andrea Edgar, Apple Lo, Conor Nolan, Yves, senritsu, Charles Zyla, Acme Globes, Thomee Wright, Dag Henrik Bråtane